Syon2 - Music For Skiing

by Ivan Zoloto


Ivan Zoloto was born in Republic of Karelia which sits near the Russian / Finnish border. He now runs the record label 'Full of Nothing' which has been pushing experimental electronic music originating from that region, composes and releases music under his own name and is a co-founder of New New World Radio.

Side A is choice tracks that’d fit a skiing session nicely: cross-country-tested, try downhill at your own risk! The mix contains primitive northern percussive bits, “folk filth”, throat singing, decayed tapes, relaxing bedroom psych instrumentals, ambient and electro-acoustics.

Side B is comprised of unreleased / unmastered cuts of Ivan jamming with Finnish free-wheeling ensemble Vapaa (also known as Keijo & The Free Players or simply The Free Players). Recorded on a cold night in Tampere in 2009.

Designed by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov


released April 23, 2018


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